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We have 5 rooms with different characteristics, adaptable to each particular need, for the realization of talks, meetings, conferences, courses, yoga retreats, gymnastics, …


The reservation of the rooms is subject to availability, being completely free for guests. We have the following options:


  • Salon Balneario Casa Pallotti: 140 m2 – Our star room, the largest, with high ceilings, wooden floors and huge windows overlooking the nature.                                       
  • Multifunctional room: 84 m2 – A spectacular room for practicing yoga, gymnastics or other disciplines in a group. It has 2 windows that allow the enjoyment of a unique landscape.
  • Projection room: 60 m2 – Ideal for presentations that require video or presentations.
  • Meeting room: 35 m2 – Perfect for conferences and presentations.
  • Reading room: 11 m2 – The best option for a small group, reading or small-scale meeting.

Teléfono: 94 680 60 02

Email: inforeservas@casavicentepallotti.com