Our waters

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Declared of Public Utility since 1843, these waters spring from our spring at a constant temperature close to 30ºC.


  • Sodium chloride bicarbonate waters, calcium mineralization weak.
  • Recommended for treatment of rheumatism and nervous system problems because they are anti-inflammatory and sedative.

Prominent therapeutic indications:


  • Locomotor apparatus.
  • Functional rehabilitation.
  • Respiratory system.
  • Digestive system.
  • Cardiovascular apparatus.
  • Alterations of the nervous system
  • Renal affections.

Hydrothermal Installations

Main facilities:

  • Indoor swimming pool and booths with mineral-medicinal bathtubs (Free for guests).
  • Vichy massage or shower.
  • Circular Shower.
  • Bitthermic shower.
  • Steam shower.
  • Jet jet
  • Inhalers Room.
  • Complementary techniques:
  • Massages (partial, general, “Termas de Molinar”, chocolatherapia, cereza therapy)
  • Mud Therapy and Wraps.

Teléfono: 94 680 60 02

Email: inforeservas@casavicentepallotti.com