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We are pleased to welcome our guests, because they are the essence of our spa: Welcome to the Thermal Medicine. We hope to enjoy our spa, since our goal is to achieve the happiness of our most precious good … YOU.

The most important treasure we have, besides the waters, is an incomparable environment, in a unique historical setting such as Karrantza. It is located in the Encartaciones of Bizkaia, within a valley with an immense variety of flora and fauna.

We nourish ourselves with waters in possession of therapeutic qualities since the nineteenth century. As a result of these qualities, it favors the treatments of Thermal Medicine of our spa, because they are bicarbonated clorurosódicas. In addition, they are recommended in the treatment of rheumatism, problems of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system and alterations of the nervous system. This is because they are anti-inflammatory and sedative. To make matters worse, we rely on programs of hydrotherapy and hydrotherapy (Thermal Medicine) in order to favor the effects on the body.

The spring arises at a constant temperature of 30ºC, being advised a treatment of between 7 and 15 days.

We rescued the writings of Maximino Núñez – a medical director of the Molinar spa. This illustrious one, writes in his “Memory on the acídulo-carbonic thermal waters without iron of Molinar de Carranza”, published in the year 1872:

“… the beneficial effects of these waters were noted by a French abbot who, as a result of political events in his country, came to stay in the village of Bollain … preferring them with great eagerness mainly at a certain point where abundant vapors exhaled. which sprouted from there, he practiced several pools, in which he and some neighbors of the valley bathed in curiosity, taking little time to know the wonderful effects that they produced in the tumors that they afflicted.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

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