Thalassotherapy and Mud Therapy, alternatives always

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More and more people are traveling the world in search of well-being for their health, and what better way to achieve it than using the natural resources with medicinal properties that exist in these places visited. more and more, of combining leisure time with well-being for health, which has made the Tourism and Health segment soar in statistical terms worldwide.
However, we can not see this phenomenon as a fashion that imposes itself, since, since time immemorial, humans moved to areas where they could find some kind of natural relief to their ailments, whether with mineral-medicinal waters, sludge or pimples with certain curative properties, or simply to the sea.
Properties of Thalassotherapy
Thalassotherapy is a method based on the use of different marine environments – sea water, seaweed, mud and other substances extracted from the sea – together or separately, and the marine climate as a therapeutic agent. Since it contains more than 80 elements necessary for the proper functioning of the human organism, sea water is valued for its physico-chemical composition, especially for the high content of sodium and potassium, which regulate the amount of water in the cells and tissues.
Also, the movement of the sea is also beneficial, since the waves produce a toning effect that equates to a hydromassage of the body surface, obtaining a state of general welfare, that helps to fight the stress, the anxiety and the depression.
The density of seawater is 2.5 times higher than fresh water, which allows body movements to be easier to perform, and therefore greater muscle relaxation, which alleviates rheumatic processes, arthritis and osteoporosis.
Also the blood pressure drops when it is at the edge of the sea, since the humid environments have a sedative effect, that increases if the temperature is between 20 ºC and 30 ºC. The application in Thalassotherapy of the algae brings to the body minerals such as iodine, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and fluorine, as well as vitamins, amino acids and other substances with antibiotic, antitumor and antioxidant properties, which delay skin aging .
The marine muds contain a high concentration of minerals coming from the marine fauna and flora. They are applied directly on the skin, mixed with sea water, while the action of minerals and trace elements pass through the skin to the body, so they can be used in cases of psoriasis, among other dermatitis.
They also combat cellulite and sagging. The marine air is rich in iodine, negative ions and ozone, an agent that purifies the air thanks to its antiseptic, antibiotic and relaxing properties, which stimulate the defenses and produce well-being. This makes it useful, moreover, in asthmatic processes and in pharyngitis.
Benefits of Mud Therapy Mud therapy is an age-old treatment that involves applying to the skin various types of mud and mud to improve its appearance, which can also treat some medical problems.
Local mud applications are recommended in the following cases: »Diseases of the locomotor system: inflammation of joints, sequelae of bone and joint trauma, contusions, dislocations, lumbago, muscular pains in general, prevention of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and uric acid. »For the digestive system: applied on the abdomen helps in the problems of indigestion, reduces the visceral temperature and helps in the intestinal transit.
It can also reduce the inflammation of some internal organs such as the liver, uterus or ovaries. »For the nervous system: in addition to some neuralgias, many people have also improved states of insomnia, anxiety and anxiety. »To heal wounds, stings, burns, abscesses and suppurations, sores, ulcers and even some benign tumors. »
As a supplement in weight loss programs, as it attracts liquids to the surface, improves the functioning of the elimination organs and mitigates cellulite. »When cleaning the pores, it makes the skin transpire better, and that some of its nutrients help the elaboration of collagen, main ingredient for the smoothness of the skin.
In addition to its ability to absorb toxins, it is suitable for several aesthetic problems related to the skin, as it moisturizes and helps to make small imperfections disappear, including many types of blemishes.

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